Tools for

Ministry Team Leaders

If you are one of our ministry team leaders, then this page is for you! 

We wanted to make some resources you might need, easily available to you on our website.

Did you spend some money for your ministry and need to be reimbursed?  Then click this link and fill out the reimbursement form and hit submit. 

If your ministry needs to have a payment sent to a third party, you can send us an accurate invoice (correct amount, name, and address of recipient) or fill out the disbursement form here.

When completed, this form will be sent to our office manager, Liz Becker, and she will begin processing your reimbursement. Allow 2 weeks for payments.

Do you have questions about the form or about your reimbursement? Email us here and we'll get you an answer as quick as we can!

Download the form here if you want a hard copy.

Do you want an upcoming event, ministry need, or ministry news publicized in our bulletin, on our website, on social media, or all of the above?  Then click this link fill out the Event Publication Form and hit submit. 


When completed, it will be forwarded to our Media Coordinator, Duane Crosby, and our Office Manager, Liz Becker, and they will begin processing your request.

Do you have questions about the form or need other event related questions answered? Email us HERE and we'll get you an answer as quick as we can!



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